Picture News


Please see this weeks Picture News below.

Picture News highlights current news stories happening around the world. We make every effort to look at these within class, but they are also useful to discuss at home to keep children informed about interesting and relevant news articles. Children are able to relate to them as they are displayed in a child-friendly way. 


A couple, who have raised £12,000 for charity by creating cartoon versions of football players that look like Panini stickers during international football tournaments, have been told by Manchester United to stop selling “wonky drawings” of their former players and club crest as they are ‘too similar’ to the original cards.

Things to talk about at home…
Have you ever collected anything? If you have, do you know, or could you imagine how it feels if you complete a set? What about if you can’t find or manage to get hold of the last few, how might that feel?

Do we think it is ok for the couple to sell the cards to people to help them complete their sticker collections with their similar looking designs?

Have we ever copied anyone or has anyone copied us? Can we think of times when it’s ok to copy?