P.E and School Sports

Good, better, best,

Never let it rest,

Until our good is better,

And our better is the best.

Our Sporting Oath

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In May 2018 we achieved the Sainsbury's School Games Gold award. This means that our school met the following requirements:

  • Provide all students with two hours of timetabled Physical Education per week (within the curriculum only) and have extra curriculum provision in addition to this.
  • Engage at least 50% of pupils in extracurricular sporting activity every week.
  • Of the 50% of pupils engaged in extra curriculum provision over the academic year 15% of these pupils are from the 'non-active' population.
  • High attendance at inter and intra school sports. 

Our Sports Ambassadors

The children within the school took a vote at who would be this years Sports Ambassadors. A big congratulations to Jess, Louise, Amelia and Jack - We look forward to seeing what you have in store for our school this year! 

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Here are our previous sporting events:

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