Picture News


Please see this weeks Picture News below.

Picture News highlights current news stories happening around the world. We make every effort to look at these within class, but they are also useful to discuss at home to keep children informed about interesting and relevant news articles. Children are able to relate to them as they are displayed in a child-friendly way. 

On 20th January, Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States, taking over from his predecessor, Donald Trump. The inauguration ceremony took place last week, marking the start of the new president's time in charge. Usually, the outgoing president attends to welcome in the next president, but this year Mr Trump did not attend the event. In the oath taken at the ceremony, Joe Biden promised to the American people to do his best to protect the country and do a good job of being their leader.

Things to talk about at home…

  • Talk about different types of leaders, e.g. at school, at afterschool clubs, of our country. Can you think of any traits that these people have in common?
  • Do you think anyone could be a good leader? Why?
  • Do you think you would like to be a leader? What do you think would be the benefits and what might you find difficult about leading others?