Picture News


Please see this weeks Picture News below.

Picture News highlights current news stories happening around the world. We make every effort to look at these within class, but they are also useful to discuss at home to keep children informed about interesting and relevant news articles. Children are able to relate to them as they are displayed in a child-friendly way. 

Heathrow Airport has unveiled its £30 billion expansion plans with a third runway set to open by 2026. Many campaigners have warned the project will cause 30 years of misery and long-term damage. The plans include lowering the M25 motorway for the third runway to cross, diverting rivers and moving roads, with campaigners warning of the environmental impact. Supporters of the new runway have said it would help to reduce fares of tickets, lead to fewer delays, and allow travel to more daily destinations.
Things to talk about at home…
When did you last make a long journey? What was it for?
What is your preferred way to travel? Why?
Do you think another runway should be built at Heathrow?