Picture News


Please see this weeks Picture News below.

Picture News highlights current news stories happening around the world. We make every effort to look at these within class, but they are also useful to discuss at home to keep children informed about interesting and relevant news articles. Children are able to relate to them as they are displayed in a child-friendly way. 

Plans to dig a road tunnel, near the ancient monument site of Stonehenge in Salisbury, have been approved by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps. A two-mile tunnel out of sight of the monument will be built even though it went against the recommendations of planning officials. It is estimated that the tunnel will cost £1.7 billion to create.

Things to talk about at home…

Look at the poster showing Stonehenge. What do you think of the World Heritage Site? Would you like to visit? If you have been, what was it like?

Do you think the underground tunnel to replace the road sounds like a good idea?

Are there any ancient monuments near to where you live? Have you visited them before?