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Careers Curriculum


Evidence shows that children start to form ideas about their future as they start primary school. At North Frodingham Primary School we understand the vital role that is played by primary schools in enabling children to have high aspirations about their future, and to help our children develop into successful independent citizens. By linking lessons in an age-appropriate way to different careers, training and skills, our careers education inspires pupils to think about their future and the world of work. We also provide opportunities for pupils to meet employers and role models from a range of industries, helping to raise aspirations and link their learning to future skills, jobs and careers.





Career Learning Log

Each child in school has a personal career log that is designed to grow with them throughout their careers education. Each time they explore skills or learn about the world of work they are encouraged to add to their log. This helps keep a record of all the different careers and industries they have learnt about, and also helps them understand where their own skills and attributes might be best suited.



Hornsea Fire Crew

All of the children were very excited when a fire crew from Hornsea arrived with a fire engine. We all had a very detailed talk about what was inside the fire engine and the process that the fire crew have to go through when they are called to an emergency. We were particularly surprised to see how heavy all of their equipment was and just how much a fire engine carries inside of it! We were lucky enough to be able to have a sit in the fire engine and imagine what it would be like as a part of the fire crew. Many of us aspire to have a career as a fire fighter!



Mr Dobson - Community Manager for a Gaming Company

Mr Dobson kindly came to speak to KS2 about his job in a gaming company. He spends his time at work troubleshooting and fixing problems that have been reported with games. He spoke to the children about how he helps the company to promote and advertise the games. The children were very excited to hear all about the process of developing a game and it has inspired lots of us!



Mr Oldham - Mechanical Engineer

Mr Oldham spoke to class 2 all about his experience as a mechanical engineer! They learnt about how he makes sure that structures are stable, taking into consideration force and movement. Mr Oldham mentioned how he uses maths and science every day in his job, and how engineers are needed for a number of reasons and we all agree that they have a very important job!


Margaret Knapton - Fairtrade

We had a fantastic assembly with Margaret Knapton, who explained to us the careers that were needed to create our clothes. She discussed that farmers in India have to hand pick cotton to produce the clothes that we wear and to do this they need lots of physical fitness , whereas in America they are lucky enough to have huge combine harvesters which means that although the job still requires skill it is different skills needed to the farmers in India. We had discussions about whether this is fair or not, and discussed the ways in which we can choose to support the farmers that kindly pick the cotton for our clothes, as they work very hard. We agreed that it is important to support those who are less fortunate than us and discussed careers that we could undertake to do this. 



House Activities

We all came together for an afternoon of activities in our houses all based around careers. In the FSU we did a STEM construction activity where we could work on our own or in a group to 'build with purpose', in Class 1 we played a game where we had to guess the career using 'yes' and 'no' questions, in Class 2 we filled a bag with essentials for our dream career using some super drawing skills and in Class 3 we played a game of charades to guess the career. What a fun afternoon!



Miss Davis - Travel Consultant

Miss Davis paid a very interesting visit to Class 2 to discuss the details of her job as a travel consultant. We loved hearing about all of the exciting holidays she has planned for people so far and enjoyed talking about the times we have been on holiday. It sounds like an interesting job where you need lots of geographical knowledge! She kindly left us some travel brochures which have prompted some conversations about future career prospects. 



Mr Wilson - Mechanic

Mr Wilson and his colleague kindly came in to speak about his career as a mechanic. He discussed the training that was needed for his job, the vehicles that he drives and the tools he uses from day to day. He kindly brought in one of the vans from his work to show us what they look like, and we got to have a look at all of the equipment he uses to recover vehicles. Lots of us have a keen interest in vehicles so this career definitely interested us, and although it sounds very tiring Mr Wilson made it sound very exciting!




Mr Lamb - Electrician

Mr Lamb spoke to the whole school about his career as an electrician. He spoke about the types of things that electricians do, and we thought about the times that we have needed an electrician to come to our house, or school. He explained about how he learnt to become an electrician both at a college and by watching other people do the job, and all the different skills that are needed. Some of us are definitely future electricians!



Career Visit - Miss Dring, Amateur Jockey

Miss Dring kindly visited class 2 to speak about her career as an amateur jockey. She brought some equipment that she uses with her horses to show us, and spoke about what inspired her to get into this career. She told us about all of the exciting elements of her job, and answered lots of our questions. Many of us could relate to her love of animals, in particular horses, and think that an amateur jockey is such an interesting career!




Career Visit - Dr Mary Sowersby, Local GP

We had a fascinating visit from one of our local GP's. Dr Mary spoke to the whole school about her personal career journey and the skills and qualifications needed to be a Doctor. She answered lots of questions from the children about different career options within the medical industry and what type of training they would need to become doctors themselves. We enjoyed sharing our experience of visiting the doctors with her, some of us recognised her from helping us get better!

Career Visit - Mr Robinson, Plumber

Mr Robinson visited the school to deliver an assembly about his career - he has had some very different jobs! He spoke to us about the hard work he had to do to become a plumber initially, and what qualifications he had to gain to become one. He then explained about his career as an actor, teacher and now working for Twinkl! We had so many questions for Mr Robinson, about what made him change his mind on his careers, and how he progressed to have the different jobs that he has had. He spoke about how much he enjoyed each of the jobs in different ways and it helped us to understand that we can have different jobs throughout our lives, as circumstances change for us. 



Robinwood Residential Trip

During our Year 5 and 6 trip to Robinwood activity centre the children completed a qualities quest. After each activity they had to discuss as a team which qualities they had used to complete that activity. This links with our Careers curriculum as we have been asking the children to think about the different qualities they would need to do different jobs in the future. The children were surprised to discover that many of the qualities required for certain careers were the same as those qualities they themselves demonstrated at Robinwood.

Whilst we were there, we asked our group leaders to speak to the children about their own personal career journeys to becoming a Robinwood instructor. They all had very different but equally interesting experiences about the path they had taken to becoming an instructor. Many of the children left completely inspired!!



Year 5 Mini Police Project

The Year 5's have been undertaking a 'mini police' project. Throughout the weeks, we have learnt about how to ensure that our house and belongings are kept safe, and this included a village walk where we had a look at some examples of how to secure our property. We have spoken about safety in cars, including legal speed limits and requirements such as booster seats and seatbelts. Each week we have learnt a new skill which encourages us to be exemplary members of the community. We have been so inspired by the police officers that have been visiting us and love learning about all of the valuable work that they do for our community.



FSU Side Oven Bakery Trip

The FSU paid a visit to Side Oven Bakery, where we learnt about the process of making bread. We were spoken through the ingredients that were needed for the bread, and each made our own. We also picked some apples to press into apple juice, and then had a guided tour around the farm, where we learnt about the different animals and farming equipment. Side Oven Bakery was a super opportunity for children to see lots of different job roles in action. In the FSU we have many keen bakers, and it inspired us to think about careers that could come from working somewhere like Side Oven Bakery. Many of us would like to work on a farm when we are older!



Katy Cobb - Artist

We have been lucky enough to have a fantastic local artist visit our school to paint the walls that surround our playground with some beautiful flowers, mini beasts and a green man! Whilst she was here, we asked her lots of questions about how she made being an artist her job and about the things that she learnt at school to be able to do this. She explained how important listening skills are, as when she paints she often takes directions from other people and has to listen to the customer's requests. We helped Katy to design the wall, and it inspired many of us to think of future careers in the art industry. 



Sam's Safari

Class 1 and the FSU had a super interesting visit from Sam's Safari, where we learnt about lots of different small animals and reptiles. We really enjoyed hearing all the interesting facts about where the animals originate from, and the types of food they like to eat. We were taught about the animal's routines and how they need looking after. By the end of the session we were animal experts and definitely think that we might like to work with them when we are older, perhaps in a zoo or a pet shop!





Mrs Robinson - Farmer

Class 2 had a visit from Mrs Robinson, who lives on a farm and helps to take care of it when she isn't working at our federated school! She showed us some important farming equipment and explained how it all worked, as well as telling us about the long hours that farmers have to work to ensure all of the jobs are done. We spoke about all of the different elements of farming, and the job opportunities that come with this. Many of us are quite familiar with agriculture and have a keen interest in farming. 




Food and Farming Trip

Each year, class 3 enjoy a trip to the 'Food and Farming Show' at Driffield showground. Throughout the day children get to learn about the many different sectors within the farming industry, in particular the processes involved in producing the food we eat. The trip introduces children to lots of different people who have different jobs within the industry, and they each explain their roles and the skills they require to do the job they do.