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North Frodingham Primary School

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Our School Charity

Every new school year the children in school discuss and choose a charity that they are going to support throughout the year. The children think and plan new ways to raise money for their chosen charity as well as getting visits from representatives of the charities.   

This year the children have chosen to support...

Click on the logo above to find out about the fantastic work that the RSPCA do to protect and care for animals


As well as choosing a different charity each year, Fairtrade is a charity we support year in year out. We are very proud to be an active Fairtrade School. We celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight every year and our Fairtrade committee organise events to help raise money. We enjoy learning about the importance of Fairtrade and about where our food comes from. This year we raised some money by hosting a hot chocolate morning and our comittee sold some Fairtrade products after school to raise even more. Check out our gallery page to see some photos of our Fairtrade activities.